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    Why is road freight higher than water transport but it still works well?

    “Why is road freight higher than water transport but still works well? In fact, the cost of transporting goods by waterway is 30-40% cheaper than by road, or rail transport is 20-25% cheaper, sea shipping may be up to 50% cheaper. ”

    Road transportation is more advantageous for loading and unloading

    With the same capacity of a train engine or a barge compared to the capacity of an automobile engine, the ship or barge transports a lot of volume larger than that of a car, or a train locomotive that pulls a lot of goods, the automobile pulls. get 1 cont 40f, 45f, 2 cont 20f. Therefore, the price is much cheaper. However, this mode of transportation is also not popular, due to the limited capacity of loading and unloading containers of railway stations and ports, causing the charges of these types to be pushed up.

    Transport time is quite long, so it is only suitable for iron, rolled steel, raw materials for animal feed, poultry, chemicals, overloaded, oversized machines, etc. fast-moving consumer goods, goods transported to areas with limited river and sea transport, which are in need of road transport.

    In particular, the two types of railways and sea routes have to go through intermediaries, the system of transporting ports to ports, warehouses to warehouses is still limited, some places such as the Central Highlands, Northwest Highlands are unusable and there will be additional cost for transhipping trucks. When choosing road transport, you only need to contact the transport company directly to be able to send goods quickly, the price is not cheaper, but overall, it is still affordable, easy in financial management stage.

    Trucking is convenient for small, compound cargo

    When you need to send small shipments, you need to send a few tons of goods, surely the road will help you optimize both in terms of cost + shipping time, flexible delivery to where you need, you can easily Easily manage goods that are on the way through the itinerary monitoring system, information from the Service Delivery Department of the transportation companies.

    Each mode of transport will have its own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the situation of goods, businesses need to have proper considerations on how to make good use of transportation costs in the process of producing and supplying goods to the market.