• Brokerage services and Customs clearance

    Customs clearance is an indispensable stage in import-export activities. Customs procedures are particularly complicated and do not apply the same in every country. Therefore, in many cases you will be very confused as to what procedures to export or import your shipment. Moreover, if the documents are not properly and carefully prepared, any deviation, to any degree, can cause delays, incur additional costs and even penalties for violations. Understanding these issues, FTC offers brokerage services and customs clearance for businesses.

    Here are some of the FTC’s brokerage and customs clearance services

    – We handle all import and export documents on behalf of customers.
    – Help customers apply tax correctly and optimally.
    – Customs clearance, goods inspection and receiving goods quickly and effectively.

    – Regularly informing customers about the progress of goods handling and delivery time in order to help customers be more proactive in formulating production and business plans and improving their business efficiency.
    – Liquidation of declarations, procedures for exemption, import tax refund, consultation, C / O …
    – In addition, customers will receive free consultation on procedures for obtaining import licenses, the latest circulars on taxes and import-export issues.